Our Management


Mr.Nirun Yawara

Managing Director

Mr.Nirun Yawara Vision

” San Engineering is a designer and manufacturer of special cutting tools. We develop quality products to meet the needs of a specific customer in all industries. We are committed to continuous quality development to meet international standards, develop personal expertise and supply modern machinery and equipment in order to earn the customer trust and build a successful work, therefore, we would like to be a part to develop collaborative quality development. 

Mr.Anawat Rodpan Vision

” Our company is one of the leading cutting edge manufacturers in the Thailand. We aim to expand customer base to new industries and areas for security of our business premise. Alongside with creating quality cutting edge production for the automotive industry, electronics industry, pharmaceuticals industry and other related industries as well. 


” On our path, we believe in total quality management. We have gained the customer trust for our services in various industries, both at home and abroad. We have prepared for the change and enhanced the company’s human resources department to increase management ability and enable employees on a leadership role. As well as the role of management and employee’s involvement in happiness, safety and healthy working environment. “


Mr.Anawat Rodpan

General Manager